sobota, 14. maj 2011

Simply loving

I simply love you…
The way you are.
The way you smell.
The way you touch my body.
The way your skin feels.
The way you gently speak to me.

I simply love you.
Just because of  you.
Because the way you love the way you do.
Loving me the way I am.
And not even trying to change me.
Not trying to control me.
Not trying to crush my world.
Simply loving me the way I am.

Loving me every single day.
Every single night.
When stars gently sparkle.
When moon shines bright.
When sun is hot.
And when we hit the stormy cloud.
Loving me the way you do.
And I love you in my own  way  too.

We are not like others.
We are special in our own way.
Trying to make special every single day.
Even if the day is cloudy and without a sun.
And come what may
I am your moon and you are my sun.
I am not scared or even worried.
Because I know that you are the one.

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